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Jul 12 2011

Teacher Beats

The bus ride to the school where I teach is about 20-25 minutes long, and that is some precious listening-to-music time. Anyone who knows me can attest to how terribly picky I am about music, especially when traveling. Most people use the bus ride to sleep or bs with one another, but I NEED that time with my headphones on to get centered for the day, or I am much less enthused about the Teaching I need to do For America that day. So here, in no particular order, are some of the songs that have been helping me cling grudgingly on to my sanity for the past several weeks:
1. Janelle Monae- Cold War: Because teaching is kind of like being an android revolutionary.
2.The Beatles- Getting Better: From the “fake it til you make it” files. If I listen to this song enough I can almost convince myself that my teaching…

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Oct 04 2011

LOL Teaching Is Hard

Lol indeed. I return to this blog a little sheepishly, given how completely I abandoned it, and since I only have twenty minutes before my third block starts, it won’t be a very impressive return. Nor do I expect to start writing beautiful reflective blog posts any time in the near future, since my work…

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Today is my penultimate day at Institute, which I know is true but don’t really believe, partially because the whole Institute structure has totally distorted my sense of time. Constantly planning a few days ahead leaves me continually grasping to figure out where I am in the present; I simultaneously feel like I’ve been here…

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Jul 10 2011

No Excuses!

I refuse to let this blog languish into nothing like so many of the ambitious TFA blogs before me. REFUSE. I am consistently amazed by how little I find worth saying at the end of the day, when my days are longer and more packed with stuff than they’ve ever been. I can’t in good…

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The first true confession being that I’m usually so frazzled and brain dead after the day is done that I’m in no mood to blog. I want to be oh-so-pithy and clever you see, and that’s just not the headspace I’m in by the time I get (somewhat) caught up on work. But being honest…

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Jun 14 2011

Institute is Kinda Weird

Weird, I tell you. Besides the intense, long days that you’ll hear about from everyone who’s every done it, what you don’t hear about is the really weird developmental place you’re in. The message from TFA, and it’s one that I don’t think they can stress too much, is “Hey, we know you just graduated from…

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Jun 13 2011

The Blog Before the Storm

Finally in the Delta, and even though I can’t think of much to say it would be a shame not to post a blog on Institute Eve, when everything’s been so built up. So just to take stock before I go to bed, I guess: People in the Delta really are as sweet and gracious…

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Jun 11 2011


I am not looking forward to the ESL PRAXIS II in the morning. That is all.

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Jun 09 2011

Talking Resumes and Geese

Day 3 of Induction is done, and it simultaneously feels like we’re just getting started and like we’ve been here forever. The days are long and structured and generally more useful than I initially assume they’ll be, but it’s hard to stay focused on what’s going on with the specter of Institute looming over every workshop and…

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Jun 08 2011


Since I’m at induction and have some rare time for myself I thought I’d try and sneak in quick blog, since that’s what I set out to do and all. SO! Charlotte! TFA! This thing that’s been in my future since October is now my present. Travel headaches, money worries and oh-my-god-how-am-I-going-to-find-a-place-without-a-car concerns aside, I…

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